International ALERT Academy

ALERT is a 49-week training and service program for Christian young men. Beginning with a military-style Basic Training and moving on to Emergency Response and Advanced Training in disaster relief and vocational skills, the ALERT Program strives to instill in young men foundational disciplines, positive character qualities, and a mind-set of service to God and others.

General ALERT inquiries:

One Academy Blvd.
Big Sandy, TX 75755
(903) 636-9384


ALERT Outfitters

The ALERT Outfitters Store was founded in 2002 by the International ALERT Academy, with the goal of bringing ALERT’s on-campus outdoor gear store to the web.

The hard-working ALERT men use the outdoor gear we sell. We’ve learned that only the best brands stand up to the constant rigors of ALERT life, so we offer you nothing less than the best combinations of value and quality.

The ALERT Store is located on the 2200-acre ALERT Academy campus in Big Sandy, Texas, about 2 hours east of Dallas. Should you ever be in East Texas, be sure to stop by for a visit and tour!

Our store address:

The ALERT Store
One Academy Blvd.
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Call the store at: (903) 636-9384 or reach us online.

Driving directions (We’re just east of Big Sandy, on Highway 80. Look for the white fence.)