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Atomic Z2 Regulator


We are selling our used Atomic Z2 regulator, Octo, Low pressure quick disconnect and console in a complete set recently rebuilt and calibrated to specifications within the last year.

This is a $1200 value for a price of $500!

FREE FLAT RATE SHIPPING to the 48 contiguous states

If you order it, we will ship it to you for free and start shipping in March.
All this money goes to funding the aquatics department to purchase new regulators that will serve both our 2nd and 3rd phase dive training.

Here are some specs for the regulator:

The combination of performance, ergonomics, features and materials found in the Z2 adds up to our most cost efficient regulator option, without compromising performance or durability. The chrome plated brass first stage comes with a fixed 7 port cap and 2 high pressure ports. The second stage houses corrosion resistant zirconium coated brass and titanium components. Environmental sealing is optional for this system and it comes standard in gray or blue.

These regulators may be used interchangeably with air or EAN mixes of up to 40% oxygen concentration at 3500 psi maximum. They need not be dedicated for EAN use, provided that they are used with air or EAN mixtures that meet minimum dive industry purity standards.

For diving in extreme cold waters below 50°F (10°C), we recommend having the first stage sealed with the installation of the optional antifreeze kit.

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